These cutting edge shorts with 13 patents aim to help you....


Pelvic Floor muscle exercise
Something that no man can afford to overlook....


With VylyV functional shorts, pelvic floor exercises are effortless.

Bedroom Performance
Strong PC muscle brings erectile rigidity to the next level. Build up awareness to significantly prolong bedroom time
Perfect Prostate
Sedentary lifestyle and aging is a killer to manhood. The PC muscle boosts blood circulation to revive prostate health
Multiple Orgasms
Further exercise can build up your awareness of PC muscle. Gain full control of this crucial part, and experience the ultimate gift from life.

Privacy Concerns

No Guidance

Private Coach: from Beginner to Master. Many beginners don’t know how to do kegel exercises, and it's hard to visualize contracting the pelvic floor.

No plans

Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation stops beginners from progressing. Visual app games and customized workouts make training and feedback fun.

VylyV, the all-in-one solution for pelvic floor exercises.


24/7 anti-sedentary monitor

VylyV in action

The guard you need to protect yourself
from the curse of sedentary and other
threats to you manhood.

When using Ninja Mode, VylyV will
help schedule your time to complete your daily quota.
Users are instructed to do micro-exercises discretely.

Big challenges in small steps.
Adds up to great health over your lifetime.

No more blind spots in workout routine

Integrate pelvic floor into your daily workout plan
Power up your core muscle. Maintain
prostate and urinary health.

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